Love Reflections

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From the first sip of tea
I knew you were for me
So much I didn’t know
so much I didn’t see

Vision is clearer now
yearning for u still,
Through tear gas and rain
Nothing stops what I feel

Wish I knew then
What I know now,
If not for the pain
She wouldn’t have shown me how

To display the love I feel
So u could know it’s real,
Truth is forever
1000 years I wait for u still

The “Write” Refuge

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I run to the pen, when there's no where else to go,
where's my typewriter, the pen is too slow
He needs a ribbon, what else do you know?
Quill and ink are reserved for consecrated writings,
so bring the keyboard, in this it's more inviting


Posted in poetry on December 1, 2020 by wiseseagoat

I’ve seen the joy,
I’ve seen the pain,
Wishing from afar,
I could shield you from the rain

For now patience must reign,
Accept this bouquet as a token,
Of sun rays unbroken,
Affection kindled remains unspoken


Future Lost

Posted in poetry on June 29, 2020 by wiseseagoat

in the distance, i beheld my future
her hair was raven black
her eyes golden brown
an abundance of beauty she didn’t lack

the sun kisses her skin
then i’m envious of that star
why should he be the only one
to taste her sweet nectar

so i ran to her with full speed
then i stumbled, woe unto me!
her eyes cast down, breaking my gaze
connection lost, temporarily

without her, i should completely fall
never to stand again, not a t’all
left to wallow where I shall be
waiting for eternity

on bended knee, i plead for favor
in your eyesight, remember the splendor
a blemish now taints my soul
will you let me in from the cold?

Message by Providence

Posted in poetry on June 29, 2020 by wiseseagoat

Surely the angels have seen
was it not a message in a dream?
delivered by their hands
as they obeyed holy commands

a union ordained from on high
destined to depart earth and fly
with pure hearts filled with love
to see us, the world looks above

deep into the heavens
you carry me away
please don’t let go
Lest I drift aimlessly always!

Nurtured by Nature

Posted in poetry on July 19, 2013 by wiseseagoat

The dew washed my hands,
And made them clean again;
The sun shed light on the land,
In concert with a gentle wind.

She held my head in her bosom,
And eased my sorrows away;
To my worries she listened,
But they soon faded away.

Yearn Perpetual

Posted in poetry on July 19, 2013 by wiseseagoat

Yearn Perpetual

Why won’t the yearning cease,
And why won’t the attraction wane,
Why can’t I engage the release
And let go of the stinging pain?

The offsprings of the deepest love,
Constantly remind me of what it was,
I didn’t mean to cause any pain
But I’ll return again and again,
To the love that kindled my desire,
And gave me courage to face life’s fire;
For he who trods the heavens travels alone,
But he always needs a place to recharge his bones;

The Orange Moon wanes, quitting my beams,
She moves the sea and my tears are streams;
I was the light of 1,000 suns free to all,
My only hope is that the darkness is ephemeral.

Open The Gate

Posted in poetry on July 19, 2013 by wiseseagoat

Don’t Refuse Me

In the midst of dozens from which to choose,
you’re the only flower i see, i’m totally consumed;
your nectar alone can quench this thirst,
please don’t refuse me, i’ve not committed the worst;

Brittle, malnourished and easily broken,
into as many pieces as tears unspoken;
For the soul can’t speak but feels immensely,
please don’t refuse me, i’ll wither speedily.

The sorrow is too bitter, restore my cup,
find it in your heart to stir it up;
Incline your ears to my pleas,
please don’t refuse me, i’m on my knees.

I can’t go on without your affection,
your love sustains every perception,
of the view i behold with you at the center,
please don’t refuse me, axis of my interior!

Unfulfilled Aspirations Let Honor Escape

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I thought they had my back. The trust and confidence in our common views led me to boldly walk my own  path in the face of adversity. I did not want to be a part of a system that evokes so much abhorrence and I thought I found a way out. We were supposed to be on a journey, a mission of sorts, that enabled our extrication from the tentacles of wickedness devised by law. The vision was void of concrete actions that would lead to its manifestation.
In that pursuit, I established a reputation of an outsider with those willfully¬†submerged in the system. Now that reputation haunts me as I have no where else to turn. So I must start anew in another place for no matter the changes I’ve made, I am refused at every turn.

Path of Descent

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How much further must I descend before my feet are planted on the rock bottom of the pit? The only consolation is that when at the bottom the only direction to go is up. But I thought that I was coming up from the depths when I started this journey as a youth. I suppose that journey is over and a new one began at some point. Almighty, rescue me speedily! My occupation is stagnant, my house is torn asunder, I’m a captive to an oppression unparalleled. Almighty, rescue me speedily! I am truly thankful for what I have but I also want what I had. I have been misunderstood when trying to explain why I thought I couldn’t have what I wanted. So while I’m perceived as the offender, my heart and my soul aches and my mind is perpetually tormented. I desired, but yielded, and I don’t know how I’ll ever recover from the wounds, except I cry like a baby to you Almighty! I am but a child in the midst of treacherous men and thieves. I’m a babe who needs the tender love of a mother for I don’t want to become one of those men. If my sword tastes blood once, it will thirst for more. Almighty, rescue me speedily!

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